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MS FrontPage Extensions Setup

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This short tutorial will walk you through the process of connecting to your website via FrontPage 2002. In this tutorial, we use FrontPage 2002 only. There may be differences between the initial connection process for FrontPage 97 and FrontPage Express, so if you are using these applications, please make a note of this.

Before we begin, you must have FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions installed on your account. Since you already do have the extensions installed, you are all set on the server-side.

Once you open FrontPage 2002 on your local machine, you should see a window in the middle of the application similar to the one shown below:

Screen Shot #1

Once you are here, we are ready to begin configuring FrontPage 2002 to connect to our website. The next pop-up window should be titled "Open FrontPage Web". From here, we will specify our domain name. Take note that if you just setup an account and your domain name has not yet transferred to us, then use your IP address instead. This will allow you to administer your website in preparation of your domain name moving to our service.

Below is what your window should look like after you have filled in all of the information.

Screen Shot #2
Screen Shot #3
Screen Shot #4
Screen Shot #4

Once you have entered in your domain name, click on the "List Webs" button and after waiting a few seconds, you should see a blue bar with "<Root Web>" inside of it near the bottom half of the same window. Once this happens, we know the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions are installed on your account because this process establishes a connection to your website via FrontPage.

Now you must authenticate in order to gain access to your account via FrontPage. In the box below, enter your system login (username) and password. This would be the same information you would enter for FTP access and accessing your Domain Control Panel.

Screen Shot #6
Screen Shot #7
Screen Shot #8
Screen Shot #9

Once you have entered in your login and password, press the "OK" button to connect to your account via FrontPage. If your public_html directory is fairly empty, FrontPage should connect to your account very quickly. However, if you have a large number of files on your website, it may take FrontPage considerable time to list out all of your files. If you experience a timeout, try reconnecting at night when Internet usage is low. Once you have fully connected to your account, FrontPage will list out all of the files and directories in your public_html directory.

Unfortunately, FrontPage timeouts are not that uncommon to those who have a large amount of data in their account. According to Microsoft's Knowledge Base, "when the server cannot process the Web in a certain amount of time (determined by the CGI timeout setting on the server), this error message occurs. The client itself can also produce this message if it does not get a response from the server after a few minutes". We currently have $server set to a timeout of 900 seconds, or 15 minutes, which is more than sufficient.

As a workaround to this problem, when you have published successfully, you can shorten the amount of time it takes to publish by checking the "Publish changed pages only" check box.

Congratulations on conneting to your account via FrontPage 2002!

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MS FrontPage Extensions Setup