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Eudora Light Setup

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Step - 1 -

Make sure you have first downloaded and installed Eudora Light before proceeding. You can download Eudora Light 3.0.6 by clicking here.

Once you have downloaded and installed Eudora Light, open the application. Once it is open and running, go to "Tools," then select "Options" from the pull-down menu. You should now see a pop-up window labeled "Options" with "Getting Started."

Step - 2 -

You should now see a pop-up window on your screen labeled "Getting Started." This screen will be asking for POP account, Real Name and Return address. This name will show up on all mail sent from the e-mail address you are creating. Fill out the requested information. Below is an example of what you should see if you use your master POP3 account. Remember that you can setup Eudora Light for any POP3 account you wish.

 John Doe

Ensure that Winsock is selected as your Connection Method.

Step - 3 -

Now select "Personal Info" from the Category listing on the left of the window. You should see a new window with the same fields already filled out with information used in the previous step. Please review this window and review its accuracy, if the information is correct, you will not need to do anything, and you can proceed to Step 4.

 John Doe

Step - 4 -

Now select "Hosts" from the Category listing on the left of the window. You should see a new window with POP account, SMTP, Ph, and Finger. Since POP account should already be filled in, you only need to complete SMTP. Do not fill out Ph and Finger, just leave these fields blank.

Congratulations! You have now properly configured Eudora Light to send and receive your e-mail! You can further customize your e-mail settings by selecting other options from the "Category" list as well."Category" list as well.

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Eudora Light Setup